DigiBuzzShop simplifies social media marketing.

Hello there. Let us introduce ourselves.

DigiBuzzShop (DBS) is your one-stop-shop for social media marketing and social brand awareness. In 2013 DigiBuzz was created to help small business’ get the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

Our personalized, affordable, and unique approach to creating highly interactive content and social marketing campaigns for our clients is what separates DBS from other marketing agencies. Your personal social media keeper handles the entire process of engaging and communicating with potential customers and converting your followers into loyal customers and referrers of your business.

Well, enough about us, we want to know about you, your business, your story about your business, your business goals — and if we can be a part of helping accomplish those goals. Feel free to give us a jingle at 855-982-BUZZ (2899) or send us an email.

"In the most resourceful way imaginable, DigiBuzzShop launched the very first foray that our company made into the realm of Social Media for corporate purposes. Though uncertain at first, I couldn’t be happier with the positive & current coverage that DigiBuzzShop has consistently delivered for our multi-state presence. Their hands-on involvement, personalized attention and unique creativity to every last detail of our business has unwaveringly occurred since the very start of our partnership. It goes without saying that DigiBuzzShop has enhanced the ability for SiteWorks to further our exposure and create a familiarity to prospective clientele that would have otherwise been much more difficult to reach. Moreover, Cheryl at DigiBuzzShop is exceptionally skilled with a camera and her professional grade photography (that has been displayed on our Social Media sites) has also been used as a submittal for industry recognition -- which enabled SiteWorks to be successful in several award selections. You will be guaranteed amazing results when you align yourself with whatever endeavor DigiBuzzShop takes on."

Chris V. Malham
President, Siteworks

"At Restaurant Group, we have employed DigiBuzzShop for more than a year now. Cheryl, the company’s director and owner is one of the most thorough and current social media strategist I have encountered. She has extensive understanding of new trends, and how best to utilize them, focusing on minimizing costs and maximizing results. She SHOWS you, instead of just telling you, what will create results. She implements these tactics often, and exceeds expectations. Unlike most specialists in the field, Cheryl has always been available for questions and last minute announcements, and when I say always, bear in mind our restaurants close at 2:00 a.m. every night! I recommend Cheryl and DigiBuzzShop to anyone who wants to increase their visibility and profits in the social media world. Thank you Cheryl!"

Andy Maroglio
Director, Restaurant Group



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